Unique Offering

Imagineering Concepts Limited is a multi-faceted organization that is into business development and creative services. Since its incorporation in 2008 it has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the business development industry through the provision of unique, new-age and highly qualitative products in the Nigerian market.

With products such as Company Profile Development, Target Audience Identification, Brand Management, Website Design, Lead Generation, Proposal Development, Social Media Marketing/Advertising among others we guarantee the creation of long-term value for your organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Our tools provide favorable conditions for the interaction of the right forces that create opportunities for growth.

Our target is to achieve these goals on behalf of clientele;

Long-Term Value

Customer Identification

Market Identification/Interpretation

Relationship Management

Take our hand and together let’s Ideate, Innovate and Propagate.

Business Development & Branding

Whether operating in consumer or business markets, the key to growth is innovation. We need to find new and innovative ways to develop propositions that achieve sustainable, competitive positions in the market. The bottled water industry illustrates perfectly how it’s possible to develop innovative market offerings that better serve customer needs, without even changing the core product; water-a free resource.

Marketing & Advertising

At Imagineering we provide you with tools that perform both advertising and marketing functions. Tools that ensure the customers stay interested in your products long enough for them to make that final purchase. Since we have already identified your target audience for you, we deliver unique services that interact with each customer individually allowing your firm carter to personal needs.

Web Application Development

Welcome to Imagineering Web Application Design & Development, where quality, experience & affordable prices come together to provide you with the service you are looking for. As an integrated organization Imagineering provides business solutions that work round the clock, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your organization is performing at its best, even when you are sleeping.

Info Tech Consulting

Managing your IT operations can be quite challenging causing increase in IT expenditure and disproportionate value to your organization. There will always be the constant need to do more with less. The success of your IT Team is dependent on the ability to provide the much needed increase in value to your organization. Imagineering Info Tech Consulting Services can help you do just that.

Creative Services

We offer a tailor-made service designed to fit your unique requirements, covering the full spectrum of business development and creative services. Whether your business’ challenge is to polish up, sharpen its strategy or stretch its equity into fresh territories.., we’ve got the team, skills and tools to give your business its unique identity.